Miami-Dade OCI

20-Inch Water main Installation
Description: Professional design, permitting, construction, testing, and commissioning of new utility pipelines, and the decommissioning and preparation for removal of the existing utility pipelines by others.

Replacement of the 20-inch water main under Fisherman’s Channel consisted of the following:

  • Design/Build water main replacement based on a minimum eighty year life.
  • Installing two new water service pipes of 24-inch and 12-inch diameter, respectively.
  • Install new pipes in approximately 850 linear feet of new 60-inch minimum diameter micro-tunnel casing that shall commence at the Port of Miami on Port Island and terminate on the northern portion of Fisher Island
  • Casing clearance at approximately EL (-) 90 feet to provide enough clearance for current and future dredging activities.
  • Installed pipes within the micro-tunnel casing and fully encased in concrete grout, leaving no cavities for man access.
  • Designed/constructed two tapping connections to existing 20-inch water main.
  • Installed new bi-directional flow meter at the Port of Miami.

Alternate Proposal by Ric-Man Construction, Inc. for 20-inch water main replacement:

Description: Replace 60-inch micro-tunnel will be replaced by two horizontal directionally drilled tunnels using High Density Polyethylene pipeline with inside diameters equivalent to 24-inch diameter line.

  • Installed High Density Polyethylene pipeline within the existing easements on Fisher Island eliminating the construction of two deep shafts and the micro-tunnel.

By using the alternate proposed design Ric-Man Construction, Inc. eliminated the construction of two deep shafts and the micro-tunnel for the water mains as well as the need for the purchase of additional easements by the Department and the time associated with these efforts. The land portions of the work and metering installation remained the same.

54-Inch Forcemain Replacement
Description: Provide engineering, design, permitting, construction, testing and commissioning services for the replacement of the existing 54-inch force main under Government Cut Channel

Replacement of the 54-inch sewer force main consisted of the following:

  • Micro-tunneled and installed approximately 1,200 linear feet of new 54-inch pipe inside a 72-inch minimum diameter casing from the northern side of Fisher Island to a water location south of the City of Miami Beach via two deep shafts
  • Casing clearance shall be at approximately EL (-) 80 feet providing enough clearance for current and future dredging activities.
  • Installed 54-inch carrier pipe within the micro-tunnel casing, fully encase in concrete grout, leaving no cavities for man access.
  • Designed and constructed a total of four taping connections with line stop schemes on the existing 54-inch sewerage force main. Two at the points of initiation and termination and two for a 36-inch temporary bypass to maintain uninterrupted service.