Gravity Sewer Interceptors for Master Pump

Description: The Gravity Sewer Interceptors for Master Pump Station No. 3 Design Build Project for Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department, consisted of an Approximate 5,000 linear feet of 48″ Polycrete Gravity Sewer Pipe, installed by “Faith” Micro Tunnel Boring Machine, The project consists of 4 tunnel drives and a 20′ deep 700′ long open cut operation, 3 of the 5 tunnel drives commenced by installing 24-43″ Diameter secant piles in series creating a 25 foot diameter 32′ deep 3 way Launch Shaft, in downtown Brickell, Florida.

The three way secant pile launch shaft was used to drive “Faith” West to Master Pump Station No. 3, South to a 14′ auger drilled CMP liner retrieval shaft and North through two intermediate CMP liner shafts, under City of Miami’s famous Calle Ocho, retrieved through a custom shoring box. The final drive consisting of 1500′ was launched using a custom shoring box through SW 13th Street from Brickell Avenue to SW 2nd Ave, retrieved in the same shaft as the South tunnel drive.