East Side Water Trunk Main

Description: Construction of 43,375′ of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) ranging in size from 42” to 96” in open cut and tunneling in soft soils to hard rock. Tunneling under 3 railroads, 2 highways and the Maumee River with multiple shafts to depths of 100’.

Construction of PCCP pipe consisted of the following:

  • 8,620’ of 96” PCCP with 954’ in 132” tunnel crossing 3 railroads and an interstate highway.
  • 12,675’ of 72” PCCP with 913’ in 114” tunnel crossing a county highway.
  • 14,720’ of 66” PCCP installed using the open cut methods.
  • 7,360’ of 42” and 48” PCCP with 132’ in a 88” hard rock (~15,000 psi Limestone) tunnel, crossing the Maumee River.
  • 48” live tap into an existing 60” steel watermain pipe.• Multiple shafts ranging in size and depth with one being 25’ in diameter to a depth of 100’ in hard rock using blasting and rock bolts.
  • All PCCP was installed with a Corrosion Protection System.