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Dearborn CSO Control Project, Contract #8

Description: Construction of a CSO treatment shaft including solids screening and disinfection technology, modification of existing diversion chambers, construction of junction structures, CSO collector sewers, and a disinfection facility (chemical storage and control building) for overflow control.
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East Side Water Trunk Main

Description: Construction of 43,375′ of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) ranging in size from 42” to 96” in open cut and tunneling in soft soils to hard rock. Tunneling under 3 railroads, 2 highways and the Maumee River with multiple shafts to depths of 100’.
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Miami-Dade OCI

Description: Professional design, permitting, construction, testing, and commissioning of new utility pipelines, and the decommissioning and preparation for removal of the existing utility pipelines by others.
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Gravity Sewer Interceptors for Master Pump Station No. 3; DB13-WASD-01

Description: The Gravity Sewer Interceptors for Master Pump Station No. 3 Design Build Project for Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department, consisted of an Approximate 5,000 linear feet of 48″ Polycrete Gravity Sewer Pipe, installed by “Faith” Micro Tunnel Boring Machine.
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North Gratiot Interceptor Drain – Phase I

Description: Construction of approximately 13,000 lineal feet of 66” inside diameter finished sewer. The Phase I Sewer receives flow at the northern end from both existing sewers and future project phases and outlets at the south end to the existing 11’ inside diameter Lakeshort Interceptor Sewer.
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Oakland-Macomb Interceptor Drain

Description: Construction of (4) Control/Access Structures and (1) Control Access Pump Station, (4) of the (5) structures are cylindrical and (1) is rectangular. Three of the five structures are aligned within the International Transmission Co. (ITC) corridor.
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Woodbury L73 Tunnel

Description: This project included approximately 8,080 lineal feet of 6’ diameter sanitary sewer installed using tunneling methods in soft ground, sandstone, and mixed-face ground conditions; three large diameter shafts for the entry and exit of the tunnel boring machine as well as 6’ diameter shafts for personnel entry.
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