Industry Recognition

Ric-Man Construction, Inc. has been formally recognized for its work on the North Gratiot Interceptor Drain-Phase I Project.

“Pipe Jacking Through Hardpan: A Case History – North Gratiot Interceptor Drain Phase I” “Abstract: The North Gratiot Interceptor Drain Phase I project is being constructed in Macomb County, Michigan using Pipe Jacking. The Project is unique for tunneling considerations because it is being built using open face tunnel boring equipment through hardpan materials. The hardpan has limited clay content and contains boulders. The available cover between the hardpan and overlying wet granular materials is very limited. The contractor has been successful in constructing the project with long jacking runs and relatively low jacking pressures, while overcoming boulders.”
North American Tunneling 2010 Proceedings. Edited by Lawrence R. Eckert, Matthew E. Fowler, Michael F. Smithson, Jr., Bradford F. Townsend. Pages 804-812

North Gratiot Interceptor Drain – Phase I Project was submitted on behalf of the joint venture team of Anderson, Eckstein & Westrick, Inc. and NTH Consultants, Ltd. for consideration of the American Council of Engineering Companies 2011 Engineering and Surveying Excellence Award.

“The project under consideration, North Gratiot Interceptor Drain – Phase I (NGI-I), is a unique and challenging project which requires a team that afforded my office the depth and diversity to fully grasp the complexities of the project while developing an approach founded on sound engineering and judgment.” – Anthony V. Marocco, Macomb County Public Works Commissioner

"The Dearborn project is our golden child project." - Steve Mancini

Dearborn CSO Contract #8 – was featured in InfraStructures Magazine in an article titled “Breaking Through Bedrock.” It speaks of the magnitude, difficulty, and uniqueness of the job. It also addresses strategic equipment and techniques that were used handle the bedrock.

“Designed to hold 3.5 million gallons, this facility is one of the larger ones currently under construction in the region.”