About Us

Mancini Companies invites you to explore the various fields of business in which it is involved. Ric-Man Construction, Inc. excels in heavy underground and tunnel construction and delivers nothing but quality and expertise. Mancini Enterprises and Mancini Development specialize in industrial, commercial and residential development throughout the states of Michigan and Florida. Overall, Mancini Companies focuses on teamwork and exceptional service among the rest.

Mission Statement – Ric-Man Construction, Inc.
With over 50 years of heavy underground construction experience, Ric-Man Construction, Inc. is committed to improving infrastructure systems throughout the United States by adhering to its tradition of excellence and innovation.  With a focus on safety and its employees, Ric-Man Construction, Inc. has positioned itself as a leader in the industry and a reliable contractor to carry out a project until completion.

“Maintaining and improving the integrity of the nation’s wastewater infrastructure will protect the high level of environmental quality and public health enjoyed in the United States.” –Environmental Protection Agency